MACTE Competencies Table
Categories of
Competencies — the adult learner understands the following as they relate to the course level.
Possible sources of evidence
I. Content Knowledge — Understands the theory and content regarding:  
  1a. Montessori Philosophy Written assignments, exams
  1b. Human Growth and Development Written assignments

1c. Subject matter for each Course Level* (IT, EC, etc.) not to exclude:

  • Level specific subject matter as outlined below* (practical life, language, geometry, etc.)
  • Cosmic education
  • Peace education
  • The arts
  • Fine and gross motor skills
Albums, rationale papers, lesson write-ups, exams
  1d. Community resources for learning Album, written assignments
II. Pedagogical Knowledge — Understands the teaching methods and materials used regarding:  
  2a. Correct use of Montessori materials Supervised practice with materials, blind draw exams
  2b. Scope and sequence of curriculum (spiral curriculum) Participation in discussions, original lesson write-up, exams
  2c. The prepared environment Written assignments
  2d. Parent / teacher / family / community partnership Participation in discussion
  2e. The purpose and methods of observation Observation reports, written assignments
  2f. Planning for instruction Written assignments
  2g. Assessment & documentation Child-study
  2h. Reflective practice Yearlong journal
  2i. Support and intervention for learning differences Written assignments, class discussion
  2j. Culturally responsive methods Written assignments
III. Practice — Can demonstrate and implement within the classroom:  
  3a. Classroom leadership Practicum observations, other evaluations during student teaching
  3b. Authentic assessment Practicum observations, other evaluations during student teaching
  3c. Montessori philosophy and methond (materials) Practicum observations, other evaluations during student teaching
  3d. Parent / teacher / family partnership Self-evaluation
  3e. Professional responsibilities Participation in discussion
  3f. Innovation and flexibility Participation in discussion

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