Adult Education: Montgomery Montessori Institute
Enrollment Procedure

Applicants wishing to enroll in Montgomery Montessori Institute should complete the following steps:

•  Complete the application and short essay and return it with the $150.00 Application Fee

•  Provide two official copies of college transcripts for each college or university attended

•  Provide three letters of recommendation

•  Read and sign the American Montessori Society (AMS) Associate Credential Policy Statement

•  Complete a successful interview with the MMI Course Director

Upon receipt of all the above required items, candidates will receive written notice regarding admission to Montgomery Montessori Institute. All adult learners are required to sign the MMI Enrollment Agreement to formalize admission.

Once arrangements for a practicum site have been made the student must:

•  Provide a copy of a completed Medical Report for Staff In Child Care Centers

•  Provide a copy of evidence of a state and/or federal background check

Candidates should be aware that criminal convictions might affect their ability to be licensed by the Maryland Office of Child Care or to be hired by a licensed facility.

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