Adult Education: Montgomery Montessori Institute
Graduation Requirements

An adult learner is eligible for graduation when the following criteria have been met:

  • Payment of all financial obligations to Montgomery Montessori Institute
  • Completion of both the Academic and the Practicum Phases:

Early Childhood: Academic Phase (312 hours) + Practicum Phase (612 hours) = 924 hours
Infant and Toddler: Academic Phase (216 hours) + Practicum Phase (556 hours), = 772 hours 
(798 hours if the EC Overview Course is required)
Note: Infant and Toddler candidates who do not hold a Montessori Early Childhood teaching credential are required to complete the 24 hour MITE-OV: Prerequisite Overview Course

  • 90% attendance rate for all classroom and seminar hours
  • Completion of all required documents and forms
  • Submission and approval of all assignments and albums
  • Satisfactory completion of written and oral evaluations for both the Academic and the Practicum Phases
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