Adult Education: Montgomery Montessori Institute
Practicum Site Overview

All Practicum Sites and Supervising Teachers must meet the standards of the American Montessori Society and be pre-approved by the Course Director. MMI will assist in locating a practicum site for each adult learner. Practicum sites outside the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area may be faciitated by a local mentor teacher plus an approved Practicum Supervisor affiliated with a MACTE-accredited teacher education course. Practicum sites more than a 1 1/2 hour drive from either a local or out of area Montessori institute must be approved by the Program Director. The cost of out of the area site visits will be arranged between the MMI adult learner and the Program Director prior to the beginning of the Practicum Phase.

During the Practicum Phase adult learners have their choice of either serving in a volunteer capacity or being compensated by the practicum site. Adult learners gain experience in preparing learning environments, developing observation and research skills, presenting lessons, planning strategies for classroom management, keeping records, and participating in events designed to improve parent and staff development. Adult learners are also required to attend scheduled MMI Saturday seminars throughout the Practicum Phase. Some of the written and oral/practical exams are held during the Practicum Phase.

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